Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebration Time (ack, not THAT song in my head again)

I am super sleepy this morning. The gym is having a 3rd anniversary celebration and drawing for prizes Tuesday evening May 25th. Everyone can pick up a raffle ticket each time they work out, so I should have about 10 chances accrued between now and the drawing. Much better odds than winning the lottery since it's just that one specific gym but hey, fun regardless. I think they are giving away a few flatscreen HDTVs, a trip to somewhere and who knows what else is covered under the description of "lots of other prizes". My guess would be free personal training or free month of membership or gym tshirts and stuff.

Amelia was still playing in the cardio cinema so I've about seen that whole thing and am ready for the next movie. Not a bad movie and interesting historically but I don't think I could watch it again.

Tomorrow after work we are all taking one of our long-distance co-workers out for drinks and dinner to celebrate her being in town. Friday after work will be a super fun birthday celebration for Matt ... gifts and a movie. His birthday was the 4th but he doesn't count his birthday to be over until all of the celebrating is complete.

May is major gift-giving for me. Multiple friends birthdays, sister's birthday and mother's day ... all in this tiny little month. Cro's birthday is next month but he doesn't have to share June with anyone else. :) Since he doesn't want an iPad yet I'm still pondering what his gift from me will be.

I picked up KFC for dinner last night and tried the Kentucky Grilled Chicken for the first time. It was actually quite good, Cro approved too, and I brought a leftover piece for lunch today. Zero carbs!

Breakfast - 2carb
[2carb] Atkins bar

Lunch - 12.5carb
[2carb] half of a red bell pepper
[0carb] ground sirlion
[1carb] diced onion, sprinkle of shredded cheddar, diced chili peppers
[1.5carb] cream cheese
[8carb] almonds
[0carb] grilled chicken breast

Dinner - 8carb
[6carb] low carb tortilla filled with contents of a volcanic taco
[2carb] Atkins Peanut Butter cups

TOTAL - 22.5 carbs

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