Friday, May 14, 2010

cool cool hot hot

Matt and I have decided to see Ironman 2 for his birthday celebration tonight. I came in early to wrap gifts. Kon's birthday is also today so hopefully he will be receiving the gifts I sent (you never know what delays are going to happen when sending overseas ... grumble.)

The Dalai Lama is in Indy today ... actually only a block from my office, which I think is sort of cool.

Russell survived another vote-off of Survivor. I think he is going to make it to the final two now, but don't see how he will win the million bucks since everyone on the jury despises him. He had been so fun to watch that I think the network should just give him a prize on the sly for making their ratings skyrocket. My prediction for the 10k viewer's choice prize will probably be hmm, I'm going to say Parvati but that one is a hard call. Rupert maybe, but that guy's voice grates worse than listening to someone having a cavity filled. He's also a little too goody goody for my taste.

Several of us (co-workers) stepped next door for drinks last night to celebrate an out of town team member being IN town. Lots of fun. I had a Captain and Diet Coke, though that was a tough decision. No carbs but it still contains aspartame, which exacerbates my MS badly if I'm not careful. I risked one drink but no refills. I limp around when it's too hot as is, I don't need any poison to trip me up too.

Speaking of limping around, I was very embarrassed yesterday when a co-worker asked if everything was alright when I stumbled against the elevator door after we got back from a short walk at lunch. I laughed and said "Yes, other than the MS I'm just fine." and tried to act as if it was a joke that everyone was in on and not a big deal at all. I joke around with this guy lots so was hoping that my acting cool and unconcerned would let the moment pass without another thought. I'm still wondering if he actually knew that I have MS though. I've not been secretive about telling people because I don't want them to think I'm stumbling because I'm a drunk or some other reason that isn't true. I was still embarrassed. :( I limp less in cool weather but yesterday was actually warm and a bit muggy for the first time this year. Ah well ... this isn't the first time I've been embarrassed about my body. Sucks to have to feel apologetic for something that I have no control over ... at least with the weight I can do something about it (and have and am still).

Breakfast - 4carb
[4carb] Atkins bar

Lunch - 3carb
[3carb] Atkins bar (different flavor)

Dinner - xcarb
[xcarb] x

TOTAL xcarb


  1. Run over and give the DL a big ol' fist bump like the mayor of my fair city did last year.

  2. It's good that we can manage the areas of life that we can control. Like the space between out hand to our mouth.

  3. Jack - I saw him walking around downtown with an entourage ... that was sort of cool. :)

    Anne - I read it as "our" ... and yes, you are right.

  4. Oh no! No Monday post, either one of two things. You are really upset over Russell not winning survivor OR you are sick. Ok, maybe a third... work.

  5. Donna - haha ... I AM upset about Russel not winning but it's the third one ... WORK! I'll make a quick post so everyone knows I'm not dead. I watched the whole thing DVR'd again last night. I can't accept that it's over ... such a great season!


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