Thursday, May 20, 2010


This week is crazy busy and stressful with a side sleep-deprivation. The good news is that tomorrow is Friday (I hope).

I stopped at Walgreen's this morning and was told by an overly peppy cashier that I smell delicious as he leaned toward me and took a deep breath. I gave him the "are you insane?" look. He laughed nervously and said "I'm sorry if that was ... *big pause*" Weird? ... I finished the sentence for him. lol

As I was telling my other early bird co-worker this he admitted that he was just texting another office mate that he'd farted, that it was louder than he expected, and that he hoped I didn't hear it. Later he emailed to tell me that I do smell delicious and to thank me for masking his odiferous office. :P too funny.

Yesterday was so full of meetings that I didn't have an opportunity to eat lunch until 4. So I just skipped it and bought more grilled KFC for dinner. I like this whole grilled chicken take out situation. I didn't have the energy to cook anyway.


  1. True story....I once accidently splilled BBQ sauce on me,
    and every buy was telling me how great I smelled!

  2. I'm going to have to give this KFC a try. I live just a block away from one!

  3. What kind of perfume do you wear, Oh Delicious One ;)

  4. anne - I can almost smell you as I think about it. lol

    Donna - The grilled is no guilt at all for me and very delicious!

    LCD - I was wearing a cheap one that day. Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works. It does smell nice though.


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