Monday, May 3, 2010

Virtual Reality Fitness Chamber

I wish.

I'm back on track with the gym and after a week of 4am workouts I'm hoping that this week will be easier. Cro asked about my workout and after telling him what I did I tried to describe the movie. Asian actor, sort of a cross between Highlander (supernatural warriors who absorb the power from another defeated warrior until only one is left), and The Matrix in that it had a bit of blue pill - red pill feel (alternate realities and multiple dimensions), modern day city for the setting. With only that information to go on Cro said "Sounds like The One with Jet Lee". He was right! :) Anyway, I didn't care for that movie too much and wished that Cardio Cinema would play Avatar next time. I got my wish! And if I'd known I might have skipped the time I spent strength training and gone straight to cardio, lol. Probably good that I didn't know.

So yesterday's workout consisted of 20 minutes of strength training and 45 minutes of recumbent bike cardio. I didn't want to leave in the middle of the movie but I was spent, pouring sweat, shaky and could feel the stupid MS taking over. I limped out of the gym finally but with a smile. Good movies on Cardio Cinema make the workout fly by and give me a little extra push to go further than I even plan. Hope Avatar is still playing tomorrow.

If someday my gym consists of virtual reality chambers more advanced than this one I might just become iron woman. :D I'd love to play an MMO in virtual reality.

I talked to mom this morning and she was in a super good mood which was nice to hear. She spent yesterday with my sister and said that Laura didn't overdo the sugar for once. Mom is doing her best to educate my sister regarding the newly diagnoses diabetes ... maybe some of the information is sticking.

Mom just bought a Tennessee Walker (horse) and talked about the potential need to have one of the other horses "put down" because he is old and sick and in pain. :( She also talked about odds and ends regarding farm maintenance. She seemed a bit more empowered than last week. I hope that she is finding her independence and inner strength.

I miss dad. But I always will miss him.

Matt's birthday is this week so we'll likely get together soon to celebrate. Kon's birthday is in a couple of weeks. My sister's birthday is in a couple of weeks. Mother's day is ALSO in a couple of weeks.

Breakfast - 2carb
[2carb] Atkins bar

Lunch - 18carb
[4carb] low carb tortilla
[1carb] cheddar
[2carb] Atkins bar
[11carb] peanuts

Dinner - 10carb
[8carb] Taco Bell (remastered into an LC tortilla)
[2carb] Atkins PB cup

TOTAL 30carb

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