Friday, May 7, 2010

It's here! It's here!

What? Some exquisite gift? An important delivery? A special occasion?
... sort of all three ... IT'S FRIDAY!!!

Grumbled myself out of bed at 4:45 this morning to go to the gym. Home again at 6 and at work at 2 minutes 'til 7. Glad I went, I always feel a sense of accomplishment afterward. I am committed to going 5 days a week!

One of the guys actually was here at work at 7:45 ... is the sky falling? :) This guy and I both are into Survivor so we talked and talked about last night's episode. It was another good one! And as usual I worry about next week and hope that Russell can last just a few more because he is so fun to watch. The guy I was chatting with said yesterday said he won't even want to watch the rest of the season if Russell gets voted off. This morning he admitted that although he wouldn't be as thrilled about it, he would still watch the rest of the season even if Russell doesn't last. I probably would too but I wouldn't be so hyper-enthusiastic about Thursday night television if that happens.

Breakfast - 6carb
[6carb] Raging Buffalo Wing flavored peanuts

Lunch - 3carb
[3carb] ground beef and cheese

Dinner - xcarb
[xcarb] x

TOTAL xcarb


  1. I really hope Russell makes it to the end, I feel that he is the best player that ever was on survivor. Right now I am rooting for him and Sandra to make it to the final 2.

  2. On the few times I can actually rouse myself and get in an early workout (usually when I have lunch plans), it makes me feel energized the rest of the day. Hope you can keep the mojo going!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. I find it difficult if not impossible to get my workouts in, and house work and oh yeah, work....all while walking a thin line of watching my carbs.
    I guess I need to just keep trying, eh?
    I have so much sh*t inside me now, the anger should carry through to flight or flight!


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