Wednesday, May 5, 2010

need more ... zzz

Getting up at 4:30 isn't so bad until 8:30 ... so sleepy!!! The movie on Cardio Theater was "Crazy Heart" and personally I'll be happy when that one's three days has expired. Grated I've only seen chunks of it in the middle and today from the beginning, but it hasn't been able to entertain me yet. Today was strength training and 20 minutes of cardio.

Buddy cat was very cute and very tenacious this morning. He wouldn't be nudged out of bed, though I certainly gave it a few tries. Finally I just had to get up and he of course joined me on the walk toward the kitty food bowl (which is rarely empty but he pesters until he sees me add more regardless).

I received a heavy box of magnesium-related products from JP yesterday. I explained to Cro that I was going to take part in a study that JP was performing regarding the effectiveness of topical magnesium. He then warned me how flammable magnesium is and that water only spreads the flames. I think the magnesium for JP's experiment is magnesium chloride so not a fire hazard. :) The video Cro shared is funny though.

I think JP's study may be more related to the following video ... but I'm sure he'll post an article to his Healthy Fellow blog once the results from all of the participants are compiled. :)

Breakfast - 4carb
[4carb] protein shake

Lunch - 5carb
[4carb] low carb tortilla
[1carb] cheddar

Dinner - 16carb
[8carb] Taco Bell (remastered into an LC tortilla)
[2carb] Atkins PB cup
[6carb] low carb ice cream

TOTAL 25carb


  1. That is so cute about your cat wanting you to add more food.

    Is your Atkins PB cup by Atkins Endulge brand?

    I just ordered those from Netrition and they are SOOOO good.

  2. Those are the ones. :) I like them more than Reeses (maybe it's just getting used to no sugar).


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