Tuesday, May 18, 2010

not dead

Just exceedingly busy at work this week. Being so busy at least keeps my mind off of all the things I wish I could be eating.

By the way, I had a DOUBLE DOWN from KFC the other night. That's right, the infamous double chicken breasts rather than bun sandwich from Kentucky Fried Chicken. It's actually almost no carbs if ordered grilled and without the secret sauce. So basically I had two grilled chicken breasts (0 carbs), bacon (0 carbs), cheese (probably less than 2 carbs) and a side of green beans. Tasty, quick and healthy. Yum.

I ordered a bucket of grilled chicken last night, shared it with Cro and still had leftovers. I hope the KFC nutrition panel is accurate because the grilled chicken is quite good and all marked as 0 carbohydrates. Truly winner winner chicken dinner (what is the origin of that quote? haha).

Yesterday I had an Atkins bar for breakfast, 3oz of roasted peanuts for lunch and grilled chicken for dinner. Today I had an Atkins bar for breakfast, a turkey and provolone unwich (lettuce wrap) for lunch and no idea what's for dinner tonight ...

... other than WORK WORK and more WORK!

Makes the day go fast though. TOO FAST!


  1. Origin of "winner winner chicken dinner"? I coined that phrase, actually, along with "hump day", "see ya wouldn't want to be ya" and "coin the phrase". There's a lot you don't know about me...

  2. HA Jack, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is a casino phrase. When a player wins a good hand the dealers say it because back in the day the house would buy winners dinner. I think it originated from an Asian dealer. I saw it on TV once and I have heard some of the dealers say it at my work. Not very often though and usually only to players they know very well. (casinos have their own lingo by the way) I had to type this in civilian speak.. LOL

  3. I thought it was just a way to call someone out and ask them to dinner at the same time....


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