Friday, May 21, 2010

seen a cute puppy video lately?

This work week is nearly done and I couldn't be happier. Project deadlines met, stress alieved (yes, as in Alieve pain killer) for now and I'll worry about next week when it gets here. I worked 12 hours yesterday, slept 5 hours and was back in again at 5:30 this morning to meet a deadline that apparently wasn't even due. Well, I'm not sad to see it moving forward faster than expected. I am kicking myself for all the stress I felt in trying to meet this deadline that wasn't due. Doh.

I'm leaving at 4:30 today ... I'm calling it a full day at that time. ;)

I stopped at Walgreens again this morning and noticed the super peppy clerk (the one who commented yesterday that I smell delicious) had lost his pep. It's sad to see that the sheen of his new job wore off so quickly. Or maybe he continued flirting with the patrons until some particularly surly lady popped him in the nose to fix the problem. :P

Today I eated (in the verbal stylings of LOLCATS) some bacon (0 carbs) and some peanuts (12 carbs) and I don't know what's for dinner yet.

Aww, keep trying puppy-face. You can do it!


  1. That's what I tell myself every day: "Keep trying, puppy-face. You can do it!"

  2. you can do it, puppy-face. :)


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