Thursday, May 13, 2010

Surviving Storms

The company that I work for let a guy go (fired him) yesterday. It was explained to us that he wan't producing results for work that he'd been putting hours toward and that he'd been warned about this more than once before he was let go. This brings moral down for lots of people. We liked the guy, respected him and had no idea that he might be having difficulty with his project(s). He was(still is) so incredibly intelligent. Sad vibes are all around the office.

The weekend is closer ... and I showed off a bit of the new Flash Catalyst (rich media software) knowledge to my creative director. I've been working after work (huh? yeah) ... and brought in an in-progress piece to show the coolness. He was excited and I'm excited too. I guess I'm an odd one for getting my kicks learning new software but it is very cool to love what I do.

I've also decided that if I ever end up homeless that I want to move somewhere that is warm all year long and live on the beach. lol ... if the dweebs on Survivor can do it so can I. Cro would have to be homeless with me of course. Oooh, tonight IS Survivor night!!!! ... and the finalé is Sunday, I think ... I have to Google that and be sure. Exciting!

Breakfast - 4carb
[4carb] Atkins bar

Lunch - 10carb
[2carb] grilled steak-ums and veggies with mozzarella
[6carb] almonds
[2carb] Atkins PB cups

Dinner - 24carb
[20carb] Dreamfields LC rotini
[1carb] cheese
[1carb] pickled peppers
[2carb] Atkins PB cups

TOTAL 38carb

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  1. There must be something in the air. I had to let someone go this week because of ongoing performance issues. It really sucks, but my hands were tied by corporate standards ya know.
    I wish Survivor would just keep their finale's on the normal schedule, it makes it easier for me to stay up late enough to watch it since Friday's are easy days at work. Monday's not so much. Anyway, looking forward to our Survivor chat tomorrow :)


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