Friday, May 28, 2010

You ever dance with my mailbox in the pale moonlight?

Had a late night of work last night and so did Cro. After we got home I turned on So You Think You Can Dance (yay!) and was happily watching the premiere of the new season when suddenly we hear a huge BOOM!!! from the street in front of our house. Cro says "Well, someone has hit our mailbox again." And I said "No way, maybe they hit the utility pole but not our mailbox."

We had strategically positioned our mailbox behind the utility pole to protect it from repeated abuse by crazy drivers popping over the hill.
We were both right. Well Cro was right. :)
On peeking outside we saw a car had pegged the utility pole so hard that it was listing like a sorry splintered version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Right behind it we noticed that our mailbox had been twisted completely around and was also getting its lean on ... along with its buddy, our neighbors mailbox.
After taking all that in for a split second I realized that the driver might not have been wearing a seatbelt. Then my imagination took over and I thought OMG the driver might even be dead. I asked Cro to call 911 as I ventured into the front yard barefoot and in pajamas.

Some other motorists had stopped to help and were already at the car so I decided to walk back to the house after seeing that no one was hurt and that the utility pole was leaning ominously overhead.
One of the guys who stopped decided it would be a good idea to stand in the middle of the road between the wrecked car and the hill and use his flashlight to slow people down. That might have worked if he wasn't just below the hill. I was a bundle of nerves hoping that no one would plow into him. Cro wanted me to come inside since there was nothing else we could do and he didn't want me to witness the stupid flashlight guy get hit by a car.

So I came in and unsuccessfully tried to watch Dance (but didn't turn the sound back on and my attention was on what might be happening outside). Then a car honked and tires screeched so nope, there was no relaxing and putting it out of my head for me. I had to go to the window and make sure that the flashlight guy was still alive ... he was fine and being yelled at by whoever had screeched to a stop.

FINALLY a police car arrived and I breathed easier thinking the flashlight guy would get out of the road. The police lights would be enough to deter a pile-up.

When I looked outside again 15 or so minutes later the fool flashlight guy was still below the hill trying to slow traffic (what the hell).

Much later the police officer knocked at our door to report all was clear. He said the driver was not hurt at all and he gave us her insurance information saying that our mailbox was toast. I don't think replacing a mailbox is enough to bother with insurance hassle but that was nice of him. :)

Finally my overly anxious personality was able to settle down. Dance was over though. :(

At 4am I heard more banging and yelling going on outside. It was the power company splinting the utility pole ... ha, pole bandages. I'm sure the entire pole is going to be replaced but at least it won't fall over in the next day or two knock on wood ... no, don't knock on wood, that might send it tumbling over.

Below is a pic of the bandaged utility pole, our twisted mailbox, the neighboring twisted mailbox and some auto parts left behind from the accident. It doesn't look that bad from the photo but the power lines are dipping down pretty low. If they dip much lower they will be nearly as low as a person is tall.

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  1. I hope your holiday weekend was a little less eventful ... or at least another kind of eventful. :-)

    My best to you and Cro!


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