Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is post 1000. I'm going strong, still low-carbing, still feeling so much healthier than when I started this ... and still have 49 pounds to go! Ah well, all in good time right? I will keep going and enjoy everything I have achieved thus far and everything that I will achieve as I get there.

A couple of the most notable things that have come from low carb for me over the past 2 years and 1000 posts is that I've reclaimed some confidence, reclaimed some happiness, and kept my MS mostly at bay. I was at my worst with the MS shortly before I started limiting my carbs again. I was limping ALL the time ... badly. I would limp so badly that I felt like Quasimodo. Yes, it was very embarrassing and I had to live with it all the time. Not only did I have the fat to be embarrassed about but also a gimp gait to draw even more attention to myself. *sigh*

Now I don't limp at all unless I have to walk more than a couple of blocks. I know that low carb has been the miracle I needed. Quasimodo-limp is a thing of the past as long as I keep the carbs low.

We found out that Apple has charged us for TWO new iPhones. We considered keeping the second one for me but after checking my plan I am eligible for an upgrade and timing isn't critical to get the upgrade price. He's going to cancel the unexpected double in a few days. It seems that both Apple and ATT are dealing with a big mess from the huge amount of orders received so it might be wise to let things settle down for a few more days before we try. I guess when the last new iPhone was released there were about 60k orders on the day of the announcement. This time there were over 600k orders on pre-order day. Wow. They didn't see THAT coming.

After posting I checked my dashboard to see the neat "1000" in my post count. I was momentarily dumbfounded to see it was 960. I guess my obsession with the clock made me think that the number after 59 was something followed by 000. Well I'm not deleting all of that typing. Forty posts from now–when it actually IS 1000 posts total–I'll already have celebrated. lol

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 0carb
[0carb] half of a grilled chicken breast and some roast beef

Lunch - 12carb
[0carb] one grilled chicken breast and some roast beef
[12carb] peanuts

Dinner - 4carb
[0carb] grilled chicken
[4carb] Atkins peanut butter cups

TOTAL 16carb


  1. Yay! (Almost) 1000 Posts!

    Way to hang in there for the long haul.

  2. yay 1000 er 960. Maybe if I quit deleting my blogs I can make it to 1000. August is my two year blogoversary. Ya know, I've been thinking about going back to low carb, but keeping that a secret to my real friends. (don't want to hear it until I lose some weight)

  3. What a great thing!
    I am so happy for you
    You deserve wonderful things
    Are you having an Atkins PB cup to celebrate?

  4. Donna - You can transfer the contents of a blog to a new fresh one if you use blogger. :) That's how I kept all the posts from the cyagirl blog. Happy almost 2-year blogaversary. It's cool that we are both still doing this after all this time!

    anne - Thanks. :) I think everyday is worth celebrating with an Atkins PB cup. You look marvelous in your medium scrubs btw.

  5. Thanks, and guess what.
    My undershirt (I always wear one)
    is now a (men's) small!
    I wouldn't wear the small out and about.....
    But it didn't cut off my circulation
    or anything!
    Join you in the celebration!


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