Monday, June 21, 2010


Got up at 4:30, made lunch and broiled some peppers go to with it. Left for work at a few 'til 6. 6:20 I'm on the highway and almost downtown when BOOM SCREECH ZOOOOOM! Someone came up from behind and sideswiped me. It was so sudden and loud that I worried it might have taken the entire side of my Jeep off. Then he sped away like a criminal on the run. I changed lanes to get behind him, honking all the while and sped up to try to read his license plate number. He changed lanes again and got back on the right, slowing down and took the off-ramp downtown. That's how I get to work anyway. I thought it was odd that at first he was obviously running away and next he was slowing down and taking the off-ramp. Also odd that another truck had slowed down just in front of the guy who hit me. They both parked on the off-ramp, I parked behind the guy who hit me and started to call 911. While I was on the call the other guy (from a a big Comcast service truck came walking up to my window and said "Did he hit you too?" I replied yes and asked if he had been hit. He said yeah and then said "He's drunk", referring to the guy that had hit us. So I told all of this to the 911 operator, then the police dispatch, then told them where we were and waited. Waited waited waited.

Finally an unmarked policeman pulled up and took our statements and filled out reports. The officer didn't think the guy was drunk but said he had other ideas about him. I asked for him to share what those other ideas were and he just shook his head and said that he thinks the guy is goofy.

Well yeah he was goofy. Oh, while we were waiting on the police to get there the goofy guy rummaged through his car and then carried a big armload of papers to dump onto his car's trunk. Then he walked over to my window and asked if I could give him directions to Fishers (another part of town). I thought what? You hit two vehicles and then want to ask for directions. lol

Anyway, the left rear fender of my Jeep seems to have taken most of the damage. Cro will look at it tonight before I call my insurance guy. I've got the accident report from the officer and have to have both myself and my insurance send it in to the BMV within ten days or my own license could be revoked. What? It's weird that they have such strict requirements for an accident victim.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 3carb
[3carb] grilled chicken and roasted red pepper (half a pepper diced)

Lunch - 11carb
[3carb] grilled chicken and roasted red pepper (half a pepper diced)
[8carb] peanuts

Dinner - 19carb
[17carb] Dreamfield's and cheddar
[2carb] Atkins peanut butter cups

TOTAL 33carb


  1. Yikes! Sorry that happened to you, Oct!

    Both Mad and I have been on the receiving end of other vehicles over the past few years. Scary and a real drag.

    I sure hope you're feeling okay now and that you'll be able to resolve this matter very soon.

    Please take good care.

  2. Thanks JP ... it did suck but I wasn't hurt nor was the other driver that was hit (nor was the guy that hit us). The Jeep suffered minor damage but it's likely that a new fender will cure it. You and Mad take care too. Crazy how no matter how careful we are there will be things that jump out of nowhere to bite us. Wearing the seatbelt is a good thing. :)

  3. Holy Canolies! I hope you are not banged up from it. I also hope you don't have a lot of hassles getting your jeep fixed.

  4. What a horrible thing to happen... Hope you're ok and the insurance claim doesn't drag on too long...

  5. Yikes - glad you are not hurt.
    Things do just jump out from nowhere seems!

  6. Thanks Donna, Patsy and Anne. I'm not banged up thanks to my Jeep's strong construction. I still am a bit gun-shy driving, constantly looking for secret ninjas who might jump out at me.


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