Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The scale tells me this morning that I've lost one pound of my new Lose 50 to regain "me" goal. Only 49 more to "me" and to no longer feeling bound by my appearance. A long long time ago I used to do the Weight Watchers program and was given a little book with a "path to goal" illustration. It was a bit like a game board. I adored filling out each step of the path as I lost weight. I'm mentally picturing that path to goal and one step filled in.

I was telling SheZug that I took two Benedryl last night before I decided to watch Hell's Kitchen (which had been DVR'd from earlier to allow for commercial bypass technique (for being in the advertising profession I sure hate advertising ... not true though ... I hate BAD advertising, which means most of it). Back to my story, I fell asleep multiple times only to wake up near the end of the show. Cro is sweet enough to tolerate me starting the show over where I last fell asleep. The problem was that I fell asleep again. After trying twice I gave up and decided to watch it tonight before he gets home so that he doesn't have to endure the rerun once again. I also will not take Benedryl until AFTER Hell's Kitchen.

I also had nightmares last night. :( Real life failures and loss type of nightmares that make a person happy to wake up and realize none of it was true. And then feel anxiety that those things could possibly come true. :( So yeah, I'm all fretterfied (my made up word meaning "filled with unreasonable fret") today.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 2carb
[2carb] 1 serving Atkins peanut butter cups

Lunch - 0carb
[0carb] 2 cans of tuna
[0carbs] cheese

Dinner - 19carb
[17carb] 3 servings of Dreamfield's pasta with cheese
[2carb] 1 serving Atkins peanut butter cups

TOTAL 21carb


  1. The nightmare continues - here too - but mine is real!
    Glad you are doing well....

  2. Oh no ... what is your real nightmare? Hope you wake up (for real) soon.

  3. real nightmares here too, neverending work cycle is not coming to a close as I had thought and my week's vaca that I was going to take next month was denied DOH!


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