Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I thought the things above the wheels are called fenders but I guess they are actually wheel wells? Anyway, Cro took a look at the Jeep's accident damage and saw that both wheel wells on the driver's side as well as the running board below the driver's side door sustained damage. I called my insurance last night to report the accident and start the process of filing a claim against the guy who hit me. Thankfully the goofy guy did have insurance.

How tiring it was to answer a multitude of the questions and write down details such as claim number, name of shop I have to take my Jeep to for damage assessment, the thought of arranging to leave my Jeep while they fix it ... being without my Jeep for however long that takes. :( I don't want to be without my Jeep. I guess they have to provide me with backup vehicle ... that's what Cro said. I still hate what a hassle all of that is going to be. Surely they could just install the new parts while I wait? ... I don't know. Jeep wheel wells and the running board looks to be pretty simple to replace but what do I know? People probably think that designing their advertising is simple but it's not.

Driving home after work last night and back again this morning was an adventure in being gun shy. I'm a careful driver and but now it's ridiculous. I couldn't even turn on the radio (need to listen for goofy drivers). I'm sure that will pass but grrr, I hate traffic. I need my own personal highway that no one else can access ... or at least a checkpoint that reroutes any stupid drivers to their own well-padded lane like gutter guards for bad bowlers.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 0carb
[0carb] grilled chicken

Lunch - 4carb
[0carb] grilled chicken
[4carb] peanuts

Dinner - 14carb
[6carb] low carb tortilla
[0carb] ground beef and bacon
[4carb] cheese and chopped veggies
[4carb] Atkins peanut butter cups

TOTAL 18carb


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