Wednesday, June 16, 2010

knock knock


Morning arrives too soon. Or maybe time after work evaporates too quickly.

Yesterday was crazy busy. Today(tomorrow)(Friday)(Monday)(Tuesday)(Wednesday)(THURSDAY) will all be crazy busy. Especially Thursday of next week since that is the day before Cro's birthday and we both have scheduled a vacation day Friday. We'll be spending his birthday at a blacksmithing festival with a few of my cousins. Fun! Plus I may get to try hammering something or whatever goes on at a blacksmith festival.

We spent time before and after work trying to get his new iPhone G4 pre-ordered yesterday. We finally succeeded in getting it to go through just moments before stopped accepting pre-orders. It will be delivered the day before Cro's bday. Awesome! A cheesecake (half regular and half low carb for me) from The Cheesecake Factory will also be in order for that celebration. Awesome! And a vacation day together is the bestest of all. Awesome!

The utility company replaced the pole yesterday starting at 8:30am. Since Cro's work day doesn't begin until 9am he was still home. Big utility trucks and a downed pole with lots of wires prevented him from leaving the house until 1pm. Thanks utility people. A polite knock on the door to give him a chance to get to work before blocking the driveway–or hey a phone call–would have been nice. Ah well, I'm glad it's finally taken care of.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 0carb
[0carb] half of a grilled chicken breast

Lunch - 8carb
[0carb] one grilled chicken breast
[8carb] peanuts

Dinner - 4carb
[0carb] roast beef
[1.5carb] 6 radishes (the last of them -boohoo)
[.5carb] small amount of onion
[2carb] Atkins peanut butter cups

TOTAL 12carb

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