Thursday, June 3, 2010

stress stress stress

Making a song of all the stress and maybe Brilliance will make an appearance (you know, like how we sing Christmas carols in anticipation of Santa Clause or hum lullabies in hopes of some z's).

Brilliance loves stress. *sigh* Sadistic bastard that Brilliance is.

Grumble Grumble. What's that noise? Oh! I forgot to eat breakfast. What??? Me forget to eat? DOH!!!

Breakfast - 0carb
[0carb] 0 breakfast (doh!)

Lunch - 14carb
[6carb] grilled chicken and grilled bell pepper, onion and mushroom
[8carbs] peanuts

Dinner - 19carb
[15carb] Dreamfield pasta
[0carb] ground beef
[4carb] cheese

TOTAL 34carb


  1. Forgot to eat? That's the craziest thing I ever heard!

    Get up and walk around some. Breath deeply. Go yell at somebody. Stress is a silent killer...

  2. I know! I guess I was too consumed with getting to work early in order and propagating a solution of the brilliant variety that my brain skipped a step. After checking I am fairly certain that nothing else was forgotten. Deodorant - check. Brushed teeth - check. Packed lunch - check. I'm good. :)


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