Friday, June 18, 2010

Throwing away the crutch ...

I'm supposed to have lunch with a friend today but just in case that falls through I've planned ahead and brought leftover grilled chicken (yum) and leftover roast (also yum). I started out this week trying to eat only meats (radishes and slight amount of onion with the roast) and one Atkins peanut butter cup after dinner. I also ate a few peanuts with lunch on several of the days ... all carefully counted. I think I will try to do this mostly meat thing again next week.

The work days are easy as long as I plan ahead. I mean even plan dinner ahead so I don't have to think about it after a long day of stress. Summer is perfect for grilling a large batch of chicken breasts, burgers and steak that can be portioned to last both Cro and I all week. He also made a roast with radishes and onions (and carrots for himself) that we had for dinner several nights.

I've also been chewing sugarfree gum all day, going through almost a pack of gum a day. That has kept my mind off of eating but I started wondering if the gum is why I've not lost any more weight this week. I know the aspartame is bad for me too. *sigh* Guess what, "5" (the brandname) sugarfree gum is 1 carb per serving. I would assume a serving is one stick of gum. So I've been consuming an unexpected 10 carbs a day in chewing gum. #^%@! I had no idea that sugarfree gum would have carbs. Sugarfree pop doesn't. Well, the type that I drink certainly doesn't.

The chewing gum was a crutch, which is ironic because aspartame flairs up my MS which makes me limpy (you might have noticed that I said I was having a slight MS flair-up earlier this week). I so easily delude myself into thinking "oh, it's just sugarfree gum, it can't be THAT bad". Well, it IS bad. No more sugarfree gum for me. :(

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 0carb
[0carb] grilled chicken (half a cup, diced)

Lunch - 8carb
[0carb] grilled chicken and roast beef (half a cup each. diced)
[8carb] peanuts

Dinner - 2carb
[0carb] grilled chicken
[2carb] Atkins peanut butter cups

TOTAL 10carb


  1. I won't drink or eat anything with aspartame in it. For a while my husband started having nervous tics and accidentally biting his tongue almost every day. He also started having trouble with short term memory. All these things went away when he stopped drinking diet Coke. I truly believe aspartame is poison. I don't even know why they allow it on the market.

  2. Grace - I know better too! Aspartame IS poison and it's only on the market because of corporate greed and government corruption has allowed it to be so. I was having a very bad MS exacerbation, called the doctor (which I rarely have to do) to schedule an IV solu-med treatment to clear it up and found that she was on vacation for 2 weeks. While I waited I gave up all aspartame (don't remember what made me suspicious but it's in my blog history somewhere). Before the doctor got back I called to let the assistant know that I no longer needed the treatment, that I had given up aspartame and things went back to normal for me. I made sure that she would tell the doctor that I felt aspartame poisoning is what caused the flair-up. I haven't had to get a solu-med treatment since.


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