Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday after the holiday (in other words, the new Monday)

Yesterday Cro fired up the charcoal grill and we grilled enough food to last through next weekend. Burgers, Kosher hotdogs, steak, chicken breasts and skewers of orange bell pepper chunks, mushrooms and thick slices of onion.

As we spent some time in the backyard we discovered a mulberry tree (yes, tree) with ripe mulberries. My cherry tree is also filled with ripe fruit. Well, half-filled. It seems that our tree either produces fruit only from 8' and up (unlikely) or someone has beat us to picking the low-hanging cherries. Since birds can reach no matter how high the fruit is growing I think the stealth pickers must be of the human variety.

I looked up mulberries and found this very interesting article which claims that mulberries help control blood sugar and are good for weight loss. They are low carb and taste good. I think I'll try to clip some branches and help propagate a couple more trees in the back yard.

Breakfast - 1carb
[1carb] one strawberry

Lunch - 3carb
[6carb] grilled chicken and grilled bell pepper, onion and mushroom skewer (really grilled! by Cro)

Dinner - 19carb
[15carb] Dreamfield pasta
[0carb] ground beef
[4carb] cheese

TOTAL 23carb

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