Thursday, July 8, 2010

boring food

Cro put up our new mailbox after work last night. I hope the traffic gods spare this one for awhile.

I read more Twilight and watched So You Think You Can Dance. I was disappointed that Twitch didn't get chosen to perform but that means he's very likely to be chosen next week. My vote off prediction is Adechike unless Alex is unable to come back from his injury. I like Adechike lots but he was stuck with two routine's that seemed to throw him off a bit. Because of the whole "America's vote" thing I think he'll get the least amount tonight. I hate to see Alex taken out due to injury but maybe he'll be back next year?

I'm getting very bored with my food choices now that the stuffed peppers are gone. Maybe Cro will make us a roast with radishes this weekend. :) If not, I definitely need to plan ahead for the work week so I'm not stuck eating an Atkins bar for breakfast, and not knowing what to have for lunch nor dinner.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 2carb
[2carb] Atkins granola bar

Lunch - 5carb
[1carb] cheeseburger with no bun (from Rock Bottom Brewery)
[4carb] green beans (from Rock Bottom Brewery)

Dinner - 16carb
[14carb] ground beef mixed with diced onions, diced chili pepper, spiced with various hot seasonings, layered onto LC tortilla with a Hebrew National hotdog and shredded cheese
[2carb] Atkins PB cups

TOTAL 23 carb


  1. Oct,

    How about making a batch of almond pancakes over the weekend? They make for a super easy breakfast on the go. Also, I find that they're more versatile than bars because you can add different LC toppings to them. We really like the Nature's Hollow brand of xylitol-sweetened fruit preserves and maple syrup. In case you need a super simple recipe:

    You can even use them like bread and make a PB&J sandwich!

  2. Mmm, almond pancakes sound very promising. Do you make a large batch and freeze them in individual servings? I will check out your recipe soon. Thanks so much for the idea, JP!

  3. I like having the same thing every day!
    I have never thought of radishes, with roast.
    Sounds good!

  4. The radishes become soft and soak up yummy roast flavor. They are so much like little potatoes when cooked this way. I wouldn't mind having the same thing every day if it were stuffed peppers. :9


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