Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Greens Kitchen Tools

Stomach growling. I suppose the sugarfree tapioca isn't too filling. I was in a rush and that was ready to shove in my pack and get out the door. I'm looking forward to dinner. :) Mostly because dinner means the work day is over and I'm home where I can finish off the last book in the Twilight series. I'm surprised at how into it I am now. Especially given that I read the first few pages of the first book and shoved it away in disgust. Too girly and adolescent for me. After seeing the movie, and then the second movie, I gave the book another chance. It didn't take very long for me to warm to the tone and be drawn in. They are such a fast read. This last book has been different for me considering it's the only book of the series that I am reading without first having seen the movie. With only a few hundred pages left, tonight I will mourn the end of my reading frenzy. Or will I? I have a full day of work to concentrate on first.

Cro picked up more bell peppers from the grocery last night at my request. So many of you have been making stuffed peppers that I just have to make some more. So yummy. I like them with the spicy kick of chili peppers diced and mixed in. I have both the man and the cat sneezing when I cook. lol

And what's up with The Greens Kitchen Tools? I just thought they were cute.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 7carb
[7carb] sugarfree tapioca

Lunch - 8carb
[8carb] ground beef, diced onions, diced chili pepper, hot spices, cheese ... all wrapped in a low carb tortilla

Dinner - 15carb
[15carb] ground beef mixed with diced onions, diced chili pepper, spiced with various hot seasonings, with shredded cheese on Dreamfield's low carb rotini

TOTAL 30 carb

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