Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"they eated all the werewolves"

Had my 7-month LASIK follow-up this morning before work. 20-30 ... I think that's about as good as it will get, maybe slighty more over time but definitely won't be better than 20-25. I'm very happy regardless. My vision is better than it ever was with correction and my eyes are MUCH healthier now that they aren't being touched everyday (by contact lenses and by my fingers putting the lenses in and out). The ghosting is completely gone in the left eye and my vision in that eye is phenomenally clear. The right eye still ghosts a tiny bit on rare occasion but I don't think it will be long before I won't even remember what ghosting was like. I'm so happy that I had this done.

Over the weekend I made stuffed bell peppers and they turned out so well that I think they were nearly as good as what Cro makes. I'm becoming a better cook I guess. :) The weekend was wonderful and languid and gone in a flash. No more holidays until September. Both Cro and I will have a week's vacation in November so yes, I'm looking forward to that (plus it will be fall, the best season of them all).

We watched Eclipse (Twilight part 3) this weekend. I liked it very much but it wasn't as spellbinding for me as part 2 was. I'm eagerly awaiting part 4! And the two-part Harry Potter finalé.

I reinstated my Wow (gaming) account in expectation of Cataclysm. Cro and I both spent a few hours watching live feeds from the beta test. Soooo anxious! I hope it will be as good as it looks and doesn't suck. :P

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 6carb
[6carb] half of a stuffed pepper (oh yum!) ground beef, diced onion, diced orange and red bell peppers, diced chili peppers, adobo and chili seasonings, sea salt, cream cheese. All of that sautéd, mixed together and stuffed into broiled red and orange bell peppers, topped with a small amount of shredded cheese and broiled once again.

Lunch - 6carb
[6carb] half of a stuffed pepper

Dinner - 16carb
[14carb] maybe Taco Bell re-purposed into low carb tortillas
[2carb] Atkins PB cups (if I get to the grocery tonight)

TOTAL 28 carb


  1. I'm going to have to make someof those stuffed peppers. It's been a while.

    I'm glad you are happy that you had the eyeball surgery. :)

  2. stuffed peppers are sooo good. I'm glad I'm glad I had the eyeball surgery too.


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