Friday, July 23, 2010


Super busy work day but hey, what else is new? I saved about 10ish pages of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner to read after work today. I easily could have finished it but didn't want to leave myself without a short bit to read. sigh ... now what? I have a huge stack of books waiting but the Twilight series is over. Over gone gone. :( I miss it.

I feel the twitchy shadow of the weekend approaching. The weekend atmosphere has it's own effervescence.

Speaking of twitchy, Twitch is my fav guy on So You Think You Can Dance. He isn't in the competition this season though, he's an all-star and just there to help out. I guess my fav of the competitors is that deer-in-the-headlights guy, Kent.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 7carb
[7carb] youbar

Lunch - 4carb
[1carb] burger (no bread), topped with cheese and veggies from Rock Bottom Brewery. We sat outside ... wow hot.
[3carb] green beans, yum. I've started calling them my green fries
[0carb] a shot of Maker's Mark neat helps the work day feel a little more fun for an hour or so. :) But only one because it was a work day after-all. :(

Dinner - 15carb
[15carb] ground beef mixed with diced onions, diced chili pepper, spiced with various hot seasonings, with shredded cheese on Dreamfield's low carb rotini

TOTAL 26 carb


  1. Yeah, I started diggin on the Vodka and Red Bull.
    So I had to walk away!
    It says no carb, but I wonder.

  2. Hard liquor is no carb but it slows down digestion if you drink and eat and is highly caloric. That's about all I've heard but people lie all the time. I don't drink often but I like it when I do. :D


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