Wednesday, August 18, 2010

amputation! ploop

The prospect meeting went well. We should know exactly how well in a couple of weeks. They seemed to like us and to like the creative. I'm happy to have been able to accomplish so much over a Sunday. Monday and Tuesday flew by perfecting the Sunday work and creating animated media spots to go with the theme. Today maybe will allow some breathing room to get other client work odds and ends buttoned up.

My dreams last night were many, vivid and varied.

I dreamt of going to a variety store and seeing a guy there who looked like an older and reality (non-cartoon) version of the button-eyed kid from the movie Coraline. In the dream this curly-haired guy was very interesting to me and I knew right away that we could be great friends. As we shopped (for vastly different items) we chatted and prodded each other with questions in an attempt to get to know each other quickly. Not only did he not have a computer but he was very computer illiterate, not even having a facebook or know the joy of surfing the web. I found this odd and knew our newly born friendship would age and expire by the time we left the shop.

The next part of the dream began with Cro and I cuddling in what appeared to be a house we were renting during vacation. It wasn't long before Buddy cat jumped onto my chest insisting on attention and treats. As Cro picked him up to relocate him to the floor I got a glimpse of a house on fire at the bottom of the hill. We both rushed to the window and saw the owner's of the burning house hurrying toward us. Meeting them at the door I had my cell phone in hand knowing that I should call 911 (and feeling bad about the need to call is for a forth time this year). The couple that came to our door were stoned out of their minds and in great spirits despite the trouble, which made me wonder how their house caught on fire in the first place. As I moved away to call 911 I noticed firetrucks and an ambulance pulling in our driveway as well as theirs so no need for me to call.

Somehow in all of this the "ring" finger of my right hand fell off. I'd say was chopped off but even though it was bleeding I don't know what caused it to suddenly amputate its way onto the floor. I picked it up and Cro drove me to a hospital. Along the way I was worried and he reassured me that a finger can be reattached up to an hour (no idea the actual time) after it has been detached. On getting to the hospital I recognized several people that I had seen in the first button-eye guy shopping dream. One of them was button eye's mom and also a nurse. I showed a group of nurses my problem and said that it was amputated 20 minutes ago. The nurse I spoke to said oh, they stitch that right back on, don't worry.

Then the alarm clock sounded and I was left amazed that I'd slept so soundly and didn't wake up before the clock woke me. I'm glad all of my fingers are accounted for. :)

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 4carb
[4carb] Atkins sweet-n-salty almond bar

Lunch - 5carb
[4carb] 4 scrambled eggs
[1carb] cheddar

Dinner - 7carb
[4carb] 4 scrambled eggs
[1carb] cheddar
[2 carb] Atkins pb cup

Total 16 carbs

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