Tuesday, August 3, 2010

black morning

It was DARK this morning. No moon or stars at all. Since I got up at 5 I think that might mean that the days are starting to get shorter ... I should know this, I grew up on a farm after all. But I don't have the farmer's almanac memorized.

Driven by withdrawl after finishing the Twilight series to many days ago I went in search of a new novel to read. After googling "What to read after finishing the Twilight series" I decided on either Host by the same author, or the immortal series by Alyson Noël. Since my choices were limited to what Kroger had in stock (I wasn't going to make a special trip to a bookstore), I ended up with a fairly new Stephen King novel called Under the Dome. OMG it is gruesome so far. After seeing what I was reading Cro let me know that he had read the same book a couple of weeks ago and that it is good. Good but bloody and cringe-worthy! lol Hide your kids! Hide your wife! And hide your husband too.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 4carb
[4carb] - Atkins bar

Lunch - 8carb
[8carb] Atkins bars

Dinner - 18carb
[0carb] ground sirloin
[3carb] cheese and diced jalapeños
[15carb] Dreamfield's pasta

Total 30 carbs


  1. Just finished The Magicians by Lev Grossman and I thought it was awesome. Kind of a grown-up Harry Potter with some spectacular imagery. Can't imagine it won't be made into a movie...

  2. I am fighting to get through the 2nd twilight book. I'm a little twilighted out to be honest. I watched all three movies the week I started reading the books. I am planning a trip to the library this week to find something new to read. I have read a couple of stephen king books, I might check that one out.

    *thought* We could almost have our own book club!


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