Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My Jeep is scheduled for repair Friday (from that uninsured weirdo who plowed into the side of me on the highway). I plan to work from home that day. I am looking forward to the quiet and lack of interruptions! :) Also to the added hour that I get from not having to drive downtown that day ... hmm, but that added hour will mostly be eaten up by having to drive to the body-shop, to arrange a cab to return me home, then to pick it up again after repairs are done.

I don't know if you remember my mention of the aunt who was afraid to go to the doctor because she felt that she had breast cancer and would rather die than go through what her older sister went through. The older sister tried every medical treatment she could find to fight it (and eventually lost). Well, this aunt did finally have tests run, did have breast cancer and has had the breast and 95% of the breast cancer removed. However, cancer was also found to be in her lymph nodes as well as three lesions in her brain. Although she was scheduled to have surgery to remove the brain tumors yesterday she was instead sent home. I guess it's been decided that the cancer is in an inoperable area. :( No sympathy expected, I just wanted to blog that for history. She is a great person, lived a long time and last I heard she wasn't afraid to go. It's still a downer. My cousins are distraught, of course.

I guess I've reached the age where I get to experience many loved ones head for the exit door. This makes me reflective on life, death, why we are here and what it all is for. This age sucks.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 3carb
[3carb] - Atkins bar

Lunch - 1carb
[1carb] Extendz bar

Dinner - 13carb
[0carb] ground sirloin
[3carb] cheese and diced jalapeƱos
[10carb] Dreamfield's pasta

Total 17 carbs

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