Monday, August 9, 2010

cake or death


Bring it on hunger pangs. I have too much to do to pay them much attention.

I attempted to read the entire Under the Dome novel by Stephen King over the weekend but only managed 638 pages. That leaves 390 pages yet unread. I don't have time to read as much after work but my guess is that I'll be adding this novel to the "finished" pile by Friday night. Under the Dome, as with most Stephen King novels, is a gruesome story. I bugged Cro to at least let me know if it ends well. He said he feels it did. That relieves a bit of the dread at least. I need another magical story with a happy ending to read next. Not Disney, but something more like the Twilight series or Harry Potter that isn't too juvenile but also doesn't leave me more stressed after reading than when I picked up the book. I am stressed enough by real life! Under the Dome is good btw, it's just very depressing and gory. I'm very involved with the character's now (at least with the ones who haven't yet been horribly killed ... well some of the dead ones that I liked are wistful memories though) so I'm compelled to keep reading.

I dreamt about working Saturday night. WTF ... I can't shake the stress even on the weekend! It is better than dreaming about all the mayhem from that book though.

*heart* this comedian. :)

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 0carb
[0carb] - nada

Lunch - 1carb
[1carb] Extendz bar

Dinner - 13carb
[0carb] ground sirloin
[3carb] cheese and diced jalapeƱos
[10carb] Dreamfield's pasta

Total 14 carbs

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