Thursday, August 26, 2010

endangered species in the house!

So Cro and I were cuddled up watching TV before bed last night when suddenly he exclaimed "There's a bat in the house!?!" Of course I instantly became wide awake, wide-eyed and scanning the ceiling for said intruder. A dark shadow swooped silently overhead, creating a furry vortex that lasted a minute or so before ducking out of sight to who knows where. Buddy cat was nowhere to be found. Cro warily got up to turn on the light while sharing with me that bats can carry rabies and they have extremely sharp teeth. I made my own ducking motions under a blanket, peeking out with a worried eye toward the sky (or ceiling in this case).

Bat was not to be found in the room so after finding out from Cro that to catch it we would need to toss a blanket over it I offered my fav little blanket to do the job (fav little blanket is now in the wash!). As we ventured into the dining room Buddy cat came slinking up the basement stair and dashed into the room we had just vacated ... coward. :P

Cro closed the door to the basement, sure that the bat was still upstairs and wanting to narrow its route of escape. We soon discovered it was in the kitchen so I ran to get a second blanket to hold over the door while Cro bravely entered the kitchen alone to capture the madly swooping, potentially rabies-laden critter.

Suddenly I heard a rapid pelting of tiny, angry protest chirps. It sounded sort of like a cricket on steroids or not-quite high pitched, non-stop mini screen-door creaks. It was SO ANGRY. SCREE-SCREE-SCREE-SCREE-SCREE-SCREE-SCREE-SCREE!!!

Cro picked up the blanket, knocking the little guy between the cupboard wall and trash can where it continued to tell us off. SCREE-SCREE-SCREE-SCREE!!! This was my only opportunity to view it fairly close and not in flight. It was an Indiana bat, which is actually on the endangered species list (which I only learned this morning after Googling it.

Cro tossed the blanket again and this time the bat didn't escape. I grabbed the camera and opened the front door. Though I tried to get a photo the best I was able to get was a pile of blanket in Cro's hands ... it was too nerve-wracking to try to pose it for a good photo. Cro released the bat into the front yard and it took off like ... like a bat out of hell, lol.

Now I wonder how it got into the house. Probably via our attached garage or maybe he came down the unused chimney. I wish the little guy well (and good mosquito-hunting) but I hope we don't see him in our house again!

In other less (or more!) exciting news I stopped by the grocery last night and discovered Emerald Cinnamon Roast and Emerald Cocoa Roast almonds. They are lightly dusted with either cinnamon or cocoa and with sucralose (like Splenda) and taste so good. The cinnamon roast tastes very similar to cinnamon graham crackers. 6 carbs and 3 fiber per 1oz serving. I like the cinnamon more than the cocoa, the cinnamon has greater sweetness than the cocoa but both are very very good.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 3carb
[3 carb] 1 ounce cocoa roasted almonds with sucralose!

Lunch - 6carb
[6 carb] 2 ounces cinnamon roasted almonds with sucralose!

Dinner - 7carb
[0carb] KFC grilled chicken (wings if they have them)
[3carb] KFC green beans
[0carb] bacon
[2carb] cheese
[2 carb] Atkins pb cup

Total 16 carbs


  1. How cool is your life?
    WAY cool!
    That's how cool!

    My boss puts those almonds right into my mouth.
    With her hand. It would be better if I liked chocolate.
    Or almonds.

  2. My life cool? No way. :) Your boss is a meanie to put things into your mouth that you don't care for. Doesn't (s)he realize that there are teeth in there too? Maybe threaten (s)him ... hmm, that one didn't work so well ... threaten her or him with a little nip. GNASH GNASH (probably don't want to put things in there with your hands, boss. :)

  3. Oh! You said "her" hand. Glad that's cleared up.

  4. Oh, yeah - she's super hot so it's all good!
    Maybe she just wants bit!
    Or bitten.
    In German.
    Bitte ein bit.
    No, wait - that's something else!!

  5. I had to Google to find out what Bitte ein bit could mean.

    Bitte ein Bit=please one Bit(burger)

    And I guess a Bitburger is a type of beer so if you say that maybe you'll get something better than a cocoa almond. :)

  6. Ok - I've got it...
    I've lived in Germany. Sooooo...
    A German Beer.
    AND a Hamburger (no bun, of course)
    And some almond things.
    Our bosses could bring them
    "Boxing Day" style.
    Hold the bats!

  7. :) you two are funny. I have the willies from your bat story.

  8. i have the willy's from the bat! :) I told Matt about it and he told me this story from when he was a kid:

    "Oh my GOD! That's insane! I would be so scared! Cro's such a handy guy to have around. =)

    When I was a kid, my brother and his friends would hang out and play frisbee in the front of our house, late at night, and I always wanted to be out there too. Bats would come and eat the bugs around the street lights.

    They'd tell me the bats would fly down and get in my hair, and I would cry and stay inside. Good way to get rid of me!"


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