Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glam Tuesday

The Adam Lambert concert is tonight! Six of us will be getting our glam fix later and I can't wait. Fun!!! I even make a light attempt at spiking my hair for the occasion.

It will be a busy work day, too much to do but that at least keeps the day hopping. It's a bit too early for the big stress to roll in yet (all of this is due end of next week) so I guess I'm coasting on the buffer of time. Ask me how I feel next Tuesday! haha.

I'll be meeting some of the guys at Keven's house. Either Matt or Scott will drive us from there to the concert so I don't even have to worry about parking. I just can't forget the tickets since I am the keeper of all and no one gets in if I forget them, aarrgh. I won't forget them.

Dan and his wife have seating across the stadium from us so we will meet them after the show and maybe get a drink, which will be water for me since I am my own designated driver home and have to work the next day. Concerts should always be on the weekends darn it. Ah well, this is the most excited I've been about a Tuesday in a long while.

I'm getting through the Neil Gaimon book but I must say that I'm craving more from Stephanie Meyer still. Maybe I'll pick up another Stephen King book this weekend, gruesome but I've never read a book of his that didn't keep me turning the pages ... quickly. :)

Happy birthday dad. I love and miss you so much.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 4carb
[4 carb] hazelnut butter cookies

Lunch - 9carb
[6 carb] hazelnut butter cookies
[3 carb] almonds

Dinner - 2carb
[2 carb] Atkins pb cup

Total 15 carbs

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