Friday, August 27, 2010

Hair today. Gone tomorrow.

New hair day. :) I like it, it's much cooler in this heat and doesn't get all weird in the back of the collar anymore.

Yesterday a guy shot himself (suicide :( ) and his body fell off the top floor of a parking garage about a block and a half from our office building. His body nearly fell on people on the sidewalk below. It happened shortly before I left for the hair appointment so it was the first thing on my mind when the beautician wanted to chat. Sadly her own brother had committed suicide many years ago (I didn't know). She didn't have a bad reaction to the recent event but she did say "That is so sad." several times. It is sad. It's also creepy, I walk down that sidewalk nearly every day as do many of my co-workers. The Borders bookstore behind the officer in the video report at the link above is the Borders I purchased my "Tuesday treat" book a few days ago. I'm sure the guy who killed himself wasn't all that concerned about whether he fell on someone or how traumatized it would leave the people who saw. (Then again, after reading the article linked above, he knew exactly the trauma he was inflicting upon other people.)

We have a lot of crime downtown, mostly robberies and muggings. I think it would be a long shot for anything to happen to any of us who work here in the middle of the day. We all have to keep coming to the office and just be as safe as we can. Life goes on and bills need to be paid. :( And hey, as sad and scary as things can be, there is a beautiful and worthy side to life too. Just the sun on my face in the wind in my hair is worth experiencing. Not to mention the music of a loved one's laugh and the joy such a thing brings to my own little world.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 3carb
[3 carb] 1 ounce cinnamon roasted almonds

Lunch - 14carb
[7 carb] carb balance tortilla
[5 carb] ground beef mixed with diced tomatoes, jalapeƱos and a few black beans, spices
[2 carb] cheese

Dinner - 14carb
[10carb] Dreamfield rotini
[0 carb] bacon
[2 carb] cheese
[2 carb] Atkins pb cup

Total 31 carbs


  1. I guess if you're really serious about suicide, shooting yourself off a building doubles your chances of success.

    That is one bitchin' harido, kiddo.

  2. no doubt, Jack (regarding the doubling chances of success).

    Thanks! regarding the bithin' hair. :)

  3. Looking good, Oct. And, well said!

    Hope you and Cro have a joyful and restful weekend on the beautiful side of life. :-)

  4. Thanks anne (assuming all that meant you like what they did with my hair).

    Thanks JP, what I said was corny wasn't it? :) But hey, gots'ta be corny sometimes.


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