Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I bought a copy of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman for my make Tuesday special treat at lunch yesterday. I've read the first few pages but am not that into it yet. I like Neil Gaiman lots so I'm sure it's coming.

Last night's dreams were strange. After waking up I remember I dreamt I was at a family member's funeral and surrounded by several cousins who I like lots. Afterwards the family was all gathered together and things felt more like a reunion than funeral (funeral's do tend to force impromptu reunions, which are often the one lasting nice thing about a very sad experience). I remember it was time to leave and Cro was about to get his car but was walking one of my cousin's to the "front desk" ... whatever that means. It was a desk in the middle of a lawn, manned by another one of my cousins. Since Cro had left his car (which was brand new and awesome) I thought hey, why not drive it up there for him? :) So I got into his sports car and carefully carefully CAREFULLY drove it the length of half a football field and parked in front of the desk. I hopped out and my cousin was looking at me with huge unbelieving eyes. "It's my boyfriend's new "Pink Growler Tesla" I said, though the car was silvery-white and I knew the "pink" was some sort of engine spec that was way cool. I don't know why Cro and I weren't yet married in this dream but I was very much in love and the car was very very cool ... and I'm so glad that I didn't wreck it, lol.

Ooh, I get my hair chopped off and highlights refreshed tomorrow and I can't wait. It's getting too long and drab and sticks out from my collar right now.Ick, I'm looking a bit rough today. :P

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 2carb
[2 carb] Atkins pb cup

Lunch - 5carb
[5carb] eggs-n-cheese

Dinner - 7carb
[0carb] KFC grilled chicken (wings if they have them)
[3carb] KFC green beans
[0carb] bacon
[2carb] cheese
[2 carb] Atkins pb cup

Total 14 carbs


  1. Dreams are weird things, aren't they?! I dreamt recently I was at a (very much alive!) celebrity's funeral... Hope it's not prophetic... I've no reason to think about this celebrity, much less dream about her demise... :o( I was quite disturbed when I woke up, but your dream sounds pretty positive! :o)

  2. I wish I remembered my dreams more often.

    Speaking of dreams, when I was younger I would sometimes talk or yell in my sleep - presumably in response to what was going on in my dreamscape. Talk about an uncomfortable thing to know about yourself! Yikes! Thankfully, it seems as though I've grown out of that phase. :-)

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, Oct!

  3. Patsy - I know, but I like dreaming. Ooh, I hope the celeb's dream-funeral that you attended doesn't actually die. Premonitions are way freaky. My dream felt positive and I'm happy not to know which relative's funeral I was attending.

    JP - I remember mine lots more often than Cro remembers his, though we both talk in our sleep now and then so you're lucky to have grown out of it. I think it's cool but it's always unnerving to think I might be expressing myself while unaware I'm doing so. Wednesday isn't bad so far. Hope yours is going well too.

  4. Hey, I'm getting my hair chopped & re highlighted tomorrow too. How is the KFC grilled chicken? I've never tried it and I live right across the street from one.

  5. Cool, we can compare do's :) ... Try KFC grilled chicken, it is OMG good.


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