Monday, August 30, 2010

I guess next weekend is a three-day holiday. Yay!!! I think Cro is going to make some of his famous North Carolina BBQ for the occasion. Some guys at his work pay him to make extra for them to take take home because it is so good. The sauce that Cro makes is a thin vinegar sauce as opposed to the thicker, sweet tomato sauce that I grew up loving in Indiana. I'm developing a taste for the vinegar sauce ... it's less carbs than the sweet Indiana sauce.

I made hazelnut butter cookies yesterday. I used dark cocoa which made them more bitter than I'd hoped for. They are good, but not crazy good. They might have been closer to crazy good if I'd followed the recipe linked here.

Cocoa hazelnut butter cookies:
- 1 cup hazelnut butter (or make your own by toasting about 2 cups of hazelnuts, removing skins, blend with a small amount of peanut oil until it becomes the consistency of peanut butter)
- 6 TBSP unsweetened cocoa
- 1 cup of erythritol or xylitol or equivalent sweetness (I used some xylitol and liquid stevia)
- 2 beaten eggs

Mix well, drop onto non-stick or greased cookie sheet, bake at 325 for 10-15 minutes (check so doesn't burn)

Makes about 40 cookies at approx net 2carbs each.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 3carb
[3 carb] 1 ounce cinnamon roasted almonds

Lunch - 5carb
[2 carb] hazelnut butter cookie
[3 carb] 1 ounch almonds

Dinner - 4carb
[0 carb] bacon
[2 carb] cheese
[2 carb] Atkins pb cup

Total 12 carbs


  1. Yummy - have a great week and week-end, you LoCarb Goddess you!

  2. Barbecue! Mmm. Nice! We missed our opportunity to try some authentic North Carolina barbecue when we visited my sister this past Christmas. Oh well, next time. Glad you'll get to enjoy some though! :-)

    I hope your week rocks, Oct! My best to you and Cro.


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