Monday, August 2, 2010

too early

Good morning loved ones. (Snoop Dog starts out that Katy Perry song something like that and although that song sucks, I like the sentiment of the greeting. :))

Monday again, rah boo. And I got to work at 6am.

After a trip to Walgreen's yesterday I'm trying a new, torturous eating plan for this week. I picked up a couple types of meal bars from the diabetic section. I'm not diabetic but I know these foods are meant for blood sugar control. I also got the Walgreen generic version of Align probiotic tablet and some Doans pills for this stiff neck that I've had for weeks and weeks. Oh, and I also got some Crest 3D white toothpaste (the real thing this time) because I cannot be denied. :P

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 1carb
[1carb] - Extend bar

Lunch - 12carb
[12carb] Glucerna bar

Dinner - 18carb
[0carb] ground sirloin
[3carb] cheese and diced jalapeƱos
[15carb] Dreamfield's pasta

Total 31 carbs


  1. I ate a What-A-Burger last night - because I cannot be denied, either!
    Now I wish I could be just a little denied, from time to time.
    I had forgotten what heartburn felt like.
    TMI? Sorry!

    The bars - are they good?
    I tried some called "Extendz" (something like that)
    They were ok, but maybe a "fail" in the name department?

  2. I've never had a "What-a-burger" but hear good things about them ... and bad things too apparently. Heartburn!

    The Glucerna bar tasted good but Extendz bar was a bit like eating pressed plywood. Neither of them kept the hunger pangs away but maybe that's because they intend for you to eat something else as well as the bar. Ah well. I have 3 more of each at home so I will have them for lunch again sometime. Today I'm having Atkins bars though. And my week without Dreamfields is over, so I will have sweet (or cheesy at least) Dreams for dinner.


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