Wednesday, August 4, 2010

various work and entertainment

Where does time go? I swear I got here at 6 and it's almost 7 already. When I got here it was pitch black outside and I can see daylight coming through the windows now. When I got here it was quiet and a bit creepy (I've been reading that Stephen King novel, you know) and now it's ... well it's still quiet but that's sure to change given another hour or so.

I took one bite of a Glucerna bar a moment ago, looked at the carb count on back and then decided to toss the rest of it. Determination I guess. Hell's Kitchen was a bit of a surprise in that I had no idea who would be part of the final two other than Jay. I hoped for Autumn after watching her eyes tear up after getting no kudos for her taste-it then make-it challenge. She wanted praise so badly. :( Alas, the world is cruel. I'm happy that Ben wasn't one of the final two though ... he comes across as so arrogant. Much of how reality stars appear is due to strategic editing though, so who knows. I caught part of Growing Up Twisted before deciding to call it a night. Dee Snider is trying to follow in Gene Simmons' and Ozzy's footsteps with the family reality show thing. Dee's wife seems a bit batty is the only impression I'm left with so far.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 3carb
[0carb] - bacon
[3carb] one bite of a Glucerna bar

Lunch - 4carb
[4carb] Atkins bar

Dinner - 18carb
[0carb] ground sirloin
[3carb] cheese and diced jalapeƱos
[15carb] Dreamfield's pasta

Total 25 carbs

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  1. I've been missing Hell's kitchen lately. Have you watched his other new show?


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