Wednesday, September 29, 2010

comfort food doesn't lead to comfort

I was super worried last night when Cro still hadn't called by 10pm. :( When he did finally call I was then super relieved and so happy. :)

He began work at 6am and didn't even get to stop for a short break. They had lunch delivered to eat while they worked and he had only just gotten back to the hotel when he called in response to my worried voice mail. I hope today is easier for him. I'll not fret as much now that I know what to expect.

Two and a half days to go.

On the diet front, I've made a promise to myself to not have more than one serving of Dreamfield's pasta once a week for the coming months. *cry* I've been leaning on it too much to replace the comfort I used to find in all sorts of other yummy foods. I can't allow that to continue.

Overworked - check
Overstressed - check check
Lonely but only for two more days - check
Survivor is on tonight! - check
Hell's Kitchen is on tonight! - check

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 2carb
[2 carb] half of a one-minute muffin (protein powder, flaxseed meal, shredded coconut, walnuts, cocoa, cinnamon, dash of sea salt, davinci sugarfree vanilla, liquid stevia

Lunch - 2carb
[2 carb] one-minute muffin

Dinner - 9carb
[0 carb] grilled chicken
[5 carb] green beans
[2 carb] cheese
[2 carb] Atkins peanut butter cups

Total 13 carbs


  1. Oct,

    I just wanted to say that you seem like such a genuinely caring and kind person. That comes through so clearly in your posts.

    I can imagine your relief when you received the phone call. I've been in situations like that before. It really puts things in perspective though, eh?

    Your morning muffins sounds pretty tasty. Was it?

    Hang in there. Cro's one day closer to being home!

  2. Thank you JP. I think I'm too caring for my own good in a lot of situations, but not this one. I love him without measure and receive the same amount (endless) from him. :)

    The morning muffin would have been good but we have a new super powerful microwave. 1 minute was enough to produce a muffin just a bit too dry. I'll know to put it in for 40 seconds next time. Despite being dry it was enough to keep me going for the day.

    I get to pick up Cro from the airport tomorrow!

    My best to you and Mad!


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