Thursday, September 16, 2010

hee haw

The first three days of this work week have racked up 38 hours already. I am sighing in tentative relief because everything for the big project is ready to go. We meet internally at 10, present to client at 11 and hopefully the rest of my week will be a breeze. One relatively minor deadline (probably 6 hours of work) has to be met by end of the week and then it's weekend city!

I can't believe how much good programming was scheduled for yesterday. My DVR over-ate for sure. I'll catch up on the season premiers of Survivor and Hell's Kitchen, and yesterday's Master Chef episode and Chopped over the weekend.

Someone leave me a comment some time ... it's lonely over here. :)

I survived almost two days without eating a bite (just Atkins shakes) and was only mildly hungry by last night. Working three 13 to 14-hour days in a row didn't leave me much time to think about it anyway. I need to think more about my metabolism and how to get it going faster. I think I told you guys before that my core temperature is a couple of degrees lower than the norm. That surely means my metabolism is puttering along like an elderly donkey.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 2carb
[2 carb] Atkin's shake

Lunch - 7carb
[2 carb] Atkin's shake
[5 carb] Hershey's Dark Chocolate (oh yum)

Dinner - 19carb
[15 carb] Dreamfield's Rotini
[4 carb] cheese

Total 28 carbs


  1. 38 hours in 3 days? That's almost 10 hours a day!

    Slow down, girl; you're making the rest of us look bad...

  2. Two 13's and a 12. I guess lots of people work those type of hours on a regular basis but I'm a mentally pooped puppy. Tomorrow is Friday!!!! *happy dance*

  3. I kid around with you a lot, but seriously... you put in too many long hours too often. That's not being a team player; that's under-staffing. I know we're in a rough-and-tumble business, but it looks to me like you're being taken advantage of. I can tell you for a fact that every marketing company doesn't work its employees like that (tho I do know some that do).

  4. you're working my kind of hours. I wasn't able to stay up late enough to watch survivor, so hopefully the full episode is posted online. First though, a nap!

  5. Donna - yeah, I think of you and feel bad when I complain about long hours. I missed most of Survivor but I caught the very end and couldn't keep myself from watching the tribal counsel even though I knew it would all be on DVR for another time. I'm happy that I watched that last bit now because the DVR glitched and didn't get it.

    Jack - it's the way of the world for me right now. I'm not told to work these hours I just do what I have to do to finish the work well and in time. :) Some weeks are less hours and less stressful, though not recently. And what do you do about a crazy client who seems to like to yell like an angry teenager who thinks they aren't being heard? Ah it's nothing to discuss on a blog. :) But you know what the business is like at times. We get all types of personalities. (Matt is also an art director at an advertising agency and he has lots of stories to tell too.) Why is that silly song "soldier boy" going through my head now? You need to re-lyric that one up sometime.

  6. Oct,

    Hope you're resting and recovering some this weekend.

    Busy, busy, busy over here too. Fighting hard to fit in a little time to exercise and meditate in order to retain some level of sanity. It *seems* to be working. Fingers crossed.

    PS - Found this study the other day and thought you might like to know about it:

    Hope you're doing well on that front and all others. My best to you and Cro.

  7. An elderly donkey.... hehe
    Or should I say he-haw!!

    My usual day is 12 hours...
    A long day is more like 16 or 18.

  8. JP - This weekend was dedicated to chilling. :) Cro and I both enjoyed most of it (our router died and he spent half of Saturday getting us back online. Thank you for the article. Thankfully I don't have chronic pain with my MS but the self hypnosis might be useful for other aspects too (like stress!). I think you are doing fantastic with your ADF life change and I look forward to reading how you are doing each day. My best to you and Mad.

    anne - hee haw!! :) 12 hours days normal? I guess that's the life of a nurse. I hope you don't work 5 days a week. eek

  9. No - I work 7 days a week mostly!

  10. anne - workaholic! Hopefully you at least love your work. I know those elderly people have to love you.


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