Friday, September 3, 2010

I'd like to buy a vowel


oh weekend, I need you so.

I got a request for freelance yesterday ... I guess I'll do it (I certainly could use the money) but I work too much already. :P

This weekend is going to be dedicated to learning to build sites in WordPress and whatever weekend is left over will be dedicated to chilling out. Yay chillin'.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 3carb
[3 carb] hazelnut butter cookies

Lunch - 6carb
[6 carb] hazelnut butter cookies

Dinner - 20carb
[3 carb] ground beef, peppers and cheese
[15 carb] Dreamfield rotini
[2 carb] Atkins pb cup

Total 29 carbs


  1. Jeeze - I thought you said "towel!"
    After wordpress, you might have a little weekend left....
    Have a good one, at any rate!

  2. You def work too much. But don't worry, I pick up the slack in the slacking off department. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. anne - not a towel but maybe a trowel so I can wall myself in for some quiet.

    Jack - I knew I could count on you to pick up the slacking duties. :)

  4. Hope you and Cro have an excellent weekend, Oct!

    If nothing else, the freelance offer just shows that people value your skills! Always helpful to know. :-)


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