Friday, September 10, 2010


A guy I work with brought some "white lightening" back from his long weekend enjoying outdoor blues in Kentucky. He's going to bring a jar into work today and since he's tried it and it didn't kill him (eek) we both might "knock back a shot" at lunch today ... maybe. I have tons of projects to finish but expectations of a slightly tipsy lunch to kill a bit of stress is putting a smile on my face. Slightly though, I can't take the afternoon off ... too many projects and a big deadline to meet by end of the day.

*update ... he didn't bring it so the crazy "try-it" situation is averted. :) Another person I work with claims that her family has its own still and makes it regularly. What the hell people? lol

**update update ... not white lightening but we did go for a shot of Maker's Mark at lunch–his treat too, I think he felt bad for squelching on the moonshine.

***update update update ... deadlines are killing me! a big project that wasn't due to client until week after next is now to be presented to client middle of next week. I haven't even received internal feedback yet. That means I'll likely be camping out at work all night next Tuesday to make revisions to 13-20 comps.

Matt just called to invite me to see Kathy Griffith with him, Keven and Scott Sunday night (because another friend called off sick and they all had so much fun seeing Adam Lambert with me last week). I'm very flattered that they thought of me. Unfortunately no-can-do this weekend though. Between this sudden project emergency and checking out the beta with Cro there is no time left over. Matt promised that we'd definitely get together soon.

I brought a nanaimo bar for breakfast. The crust turned out to be a bitter but I did add a chocolate ganache. It's good and even lower carb without the crust.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast - 3carb
[3 carb] nanaimo bar sans-crust

Lunch - 4carb
[1 carb] cheeseburger, no bun
[3 carb] peanut butter and a couple of celery sticks

Dinner - 20carb
[15 carb] Dreamfields! (I stayed away from it Mon-Thurs but it's Friday!)
[3 carb] cheese and jalapeƱos
[0 carb] bacon crumbles
[2 carb] Atkins pb cup

Total 27 carbs


  1. Ad agency drinking is mandatory! Don't you watch Mad Men?

  2. Are you mad? Of course I watch Mad Men ... well I watched a few episodes in the beginning and am waiting my turn to borrow the season DVDs we have at the office. :)


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