Thursday, September 30, 2010

viewer wars

Darn those crazy networks for pitting two shows that I love against each other on the same day and in the same time slot. Maybe not so crazy since I'm sure they are hoping to wash the other off the television topography by diluting the viewer base. But here comes Señor DVR to the rescue! So yeah, I DVR'd Hell's Kitchen for Cro to watch this weekend. We'll both watch Survivor on the ON DEMAND channel this weekend. And I watched Hell's Kitchen last night, well most of it, I fell asleep during the second hour. No worries, Señor DVR has my back (back-up actually).

No contact from Cro except one email early morning. A few minutes ago he sent an email telling me about his second busy day coupled with a client dinner that lasted until 1am. Eek. Cro isn't a drinker so I'm sure that was like a very extended work day in addition to a very long real work day. He is a great conversationalist so I'm sure he had the clients entertained (otherwise why would they have stayed out until 1am? Or maybe they were all business. :(

Meetings for most of the morning for me and then work work work. I met the big deadline for internal review yesterday but that usually means revision requests are on the way soon.

Tomorrow I get to pick him up from the airport and we both are looking forward to that. So is buddy cat, lol. Buddy misses the nightly "treat toss" that Cro offers him. I tossed him treats for a few minutes last night but I could tell that he didn't think I was doing it right. He ate them anyway.

Breakfast - 0carb
[0 carb] bacon

Lunch - 2carb
[2 carb] Atkins bar

Dinner - 7carb
[0 carb]  3 grilled chicken wings
[5 carb]  green beans
[2 carb] Atkins peanut butter cups

Total 9 carb

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