Friday, October 15, 2010

alternate fasting day

I had VIVID dreams last night. I dreamt that my office was in an older brick building that looked more like an old library than office space. I liked it though. In the dream I was working alongside a girl from my high school. Odd thing was she seemed my age and yet hadn't changed either. Aging is odd. Shouldn't we always look the same throughout life? Anyway, a big storm blew a tree into the wall of our office and as I looked out the window I saw another huge tree (pine this time) flying away in the distance. I called out to everyone that a tree had bust through the wall and everyone came to see it. It was cool, lol.

Also in the dream my friend Matt had sculpted some really cool ceramic gargoyle tiles to place in front of the fireplace as a decorative border. Someone stole one and so he announced that he would bring one to give away every Friday so no one needed to steal.

And back to reality. There was a HUGE spider waiting for me in the shower this morning. I thought is was a brown recluse but Cro said that it was more likely a wolf spider. Once I got to work I told our resident "all-creepy-things"-loving guy about it. He Googled both brown recluse and wolf spiders so I could see. He also agreed with Cro that it was probably a wolf spider. After seeing the photos I can tell you that it definitely was not a brown recluse (shudder) and was probably a wolf spider (shudder). Did I ever tell you guys that I have a spider phobia? I know I have. I call it a phobia because even looking at a photo makes chills go up and down my spine. ICK! Anyway, it's a dead spider now and so large that I felt its body pop when I squished it (EWWWW!!!!!!!!!).

Green beans only today. I think I might do five days of nothing but green beans and eggs next week. I bought a ton of green beans last weekend and they are easy to take to work.

Breakfast - n0thing

Lunch - 11carb
[11 carb]  green beans

Dinner - n0thing

Total 11 carbs


  1. I'm shuddering too. I once ran into a brown recluse but thankfully his light turned green and he ran on down instead of turning to attack me. I'm scared of spiders too.

  2. Tell me again - why the green beans?
    Besides the fact that they are yum-mo!

  3. Snakes and spiders. I fear them both but love watching programs about them on the Animal Channel and Discovery. Go figure.

    Here's hoping you and Cro have a splendid and spider free weekend!

  4. Donna - definitely avoid those things. Have you seen photos of the people's skin after a bite turns it icky? Icky? My dead spider wasn't a brown recluse though (shudder).

    anne - I'll tell you for the first time (I think) ... I have no idea other than I like green beans and I found them at the grocery in pop-top can so stocked up. I thought they would be a good way to try out JP's modified alternate day fasting experiment. I think they are!

    JP - I don't mind snakes (at least they don't give me the willies) but spiders would be difficult to watch on our big screen television!!! Cro loves them though (go figure that I married a guy that adores venomous animals and insects). I wish you a splendid weekend too!!! (spiders for you if on Animal Planet and Discovery only).

  5. How is that working for you?
    The Great Green Bean Experiment!
    This might start a trend.
    I put Italian Dressing on mine.
    And yours?

  6. Just some sea salt on mine ... and darn-it I forgot to pack sea salt in my lunch today, I might have to save the green beans for dinner. I think it's working well. I feel pretty energized after a day of alternate-fasting.

  7. Just stopped in from the random links at NaBloPoMo. Small world, we live in Indy too most of the time! Mostly commenting because I think wolf spiders are freaky too. Never saw one in Indiana though, just WI.


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