Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's a struggle lately to battle carb creep but I'm determined to win. Carb creep seems so innocent when it starts. I'm not even talking about indulging in high carb items. For example, today I brought for lunch a can of green beans(10 carbs) and 4 string cheese(2 carbs) for snacks and had planned to have an Atkins peanut butter cup(2 carbs) after dinner tonight. I decided to have half of the can of green beans(5carbs), 2 of the string cheese(1carb) and to not have the Atkins treat(2 carbs) after dinner. Making those decisions will prevent an extra 8 carbs from getting through the gate. On the bright side I'll already have lunch made for tomorrow ... leftover half can of green beans and two string cheeses for a snack.

For breakfast I'm having low carb yogurt (Carbmaster) with lightly crushed pecans pieces on top. The pecans leave me not even missing the granola yogurt topping from my higher carb days.

Breakfast - 6carb
[4 carb]  low carb yogurt
[2 carb] pecans

Lunch - 6carb
[5 carb]  green beans
[1 carb]  string cheese

Dinner - 13carb
[0 carb]  ground beef
[2 carb]  salsa
[1 carb] cheese
[3 carb] diced onions and peppers
[7 carb] low carb tortilla

Total 25 carb


  1. Hey! We had the same dinner! Only I'll bet that I used more sour cream than you!!! :)


  2. Right - oh!
    I got a plain yogurt....
    Turns out it had sugar....
    No flavor.... but sweetened.
    Never saw it coming.
    Back to basics, every day!

  3. Wait! You didn't even list sour cream... Now I definitely used more! :) Lol!!!

  4. LCD - It was good. :)

    anne - Try Carbmaster yogurt sometime. Very yummy, low carb and Kroger carries it.


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