Friday, October 22, 2010

Freakin' Friday ... hurray! I made some more oopsy rolls last night in preparation for being able to eat something other than green beans today. Today will be the last of 5 days of self-imposed restriction to a menu of eggs, cheese, 2 strips of bacon and green beans. I'm feeling great and plan to do a modified alternate day fasting for 5 days next week too. Rather than limit it to just green beans I think it will be limited to one small meal. The plan isn't fully baked yet so I'll let you know later. I do know that I want to make something with spaghetti squash soon and want to roast that head of cauliflower.

There is some happy thrill in the atmosphere today for some reason. Maybe because Cro and I will be on a week vacation together soon. Maybe because BlizzCon (big gaming convention for World of Warcraft) starts today and Cro and I bought Direct Ticket so we can watch the live feed. Maybe because it's nearly the weekend! Maybe because my birthday is next week. Maybe because I'm leaving early today. Maybe because I'm on an alternate day fasting high. :) Maybe all of it!!!


BREAKFAST [3 carbs[
[2 carbs] oopsy roll
[1 carbs] slice of cheddar and swiss cheeses (no paper this time, lol)

LUNCH [5 carbs]
[2 carbs] oopsy roll
[3 carbs] cheddar, swiss and jalapeño cheeses

DINNER [5 carbs]
[2 carbs] oopsy roll
[1 carb] 1 egg
[2 carbs] jalapeño cheese and cheddar
[0 carbs] 2 slices of bacon

Total 13 carbs


  1. Here's to a happy thrill, whatever the reason. Hope you have a great weekend and a fantastic birthday week (you DO celebrate birthday week like my wife does, don't you?)

  2. Thanks Jack. Cro makes sure that I celebrate my birthday for a whole week. We only celebrate his for one day, hmmm. Maybe our vacation needs to be the week of HIS birthday next year. :)

  3. We've got a spaghetti squash recipe in our future as well. It's just a matter of time.

    Happy to see that you're feeling happy and hopeful about the future. Even better, the near future.

    Have lots of fun this weekend and best of luck with your ADF plans for the upcoming week! Look forward to reading the details.

  4. Ooh, I'll watch for the spaghetti squash recipe. Thank you for turning me on to ADF ... it really did make a difference last work week and I am looking forward to the next one. I feel good and you are the source. :)



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