Thursday, October 7, 2010

I made stuffed peppers last night. Cro got home just as I was about to remove the roasting pepper shells from the oven. I filled them with a mixture of browned ground beef, diced onion, jalapeƱo peppers, cream cheese and a few cubes of  Nice-n-Cheesy queso blanco from Kroger (love that stuff even though it's a cheesy name - yeah, pun intended). Oh, and I sprinkled a touch of shredded sharp cheddar on top for looks. :) Cro lifted the wobbly sheet of stacked-tall goodness into the oven for me without a single shred of cheddar losing its place. After broiling for a few moments it was ready to serve. Yum-oh-yum. And low carb!

I played WoW for a short while, allowing Hell's Kitchen to record to DVR so we could watch it later and skip the advertisements. When we did get around to watching it I was sleepy, but mostly made it through awake. :) Good episode but I'm sad that Boris has turned out to be a goof. We were both liking him in the beginning but I don't see him winning at this point. We watched Survivor afterwards but I knew I wouldn't last 5 minutes before I was soundly sleeping. I was right. It's on DVR so I'll catch up with it on another evening soon.

Breakfast - 6carb
[4 carb]  low carb yogurt
[2 carb] pecans

Lunch - 12carb
[10 carb]  stuffed bell pepper (stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, onion, chili peppers, cream cheese, spices)
[2 carb] Atkins PB cups

Dinner - 5carb
[0 carb]  pan-seared deli chicken
[2 carb] diced onion
[1 carb] slice of cheese
[2 carb] Atkins PB cups

Total 23 carb

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