Thursday, October 14, 2010

I think tomorrow will be just a can of green beans again. Yesterday went very well and I felt good this morning. Not even starving ... just a little hungry and GOOD. Vivid dreams last night. Just before waking I dreamt of standing near a pool of water, leaning over and seeing life swimming down there. Drawing a circle on the water's surface caught the attention of a seal. He popped his cute puppy face out of the water and immediately assigned himself the role as my companion. Silly seal. Then I woke up and both missed him and was relieved that I didn't really have a pet seal to look after.

Hell's Kitchen was good but it was a downer to see Boris go. I didn't think he had a chance of winning but I liked him.

Breakfast - 7carbs
[0carbs] bacon and ground beef
[3carbs] small portion of a LC tortilla
[4carbs] diced onions, peppers and cheese

Lunch - 5carbs
[3carbs]  LC yogurt
[2carbs] pecans

Dinner - 12carb
[5carbs] half cup Dixie carb instant mashers
[4carbs] brussels sprouts
[1carb] cheese
[2carbs] Atkins PB cup

Total 24 carbs


  1. I've always heard the knock on canned veggies is that all the nutrients are lost in the caning process. Why not go with the frozen ones you can just steam in the bag. They're awesome.

  2. I'll eat the canned ones so there will be less available to bother you in the store. :P Seriously, if I could find single serving (or at least not family size) bags ready to toss in the microwave and steam I'd love that. I'll look next time I'm at the grocery.


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