Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It was nice to have breakfast this morning after another green bean alternate fast day. I was mildly hungry but not at all now. I made a quick egg sandwich with a slice of muenster cheese and a slice of cheddar. As I bit into my Oopsy-wich I heard a SNAP and wondered what in my sandwich was crunchy ... after all it was nothing but egg, cream cheese and 2 slices of deli cheese, there should be nothing to go SNAP in that combination. Then I suddenly realized that the SNAP was from a thin slice of paper that is used to separate cheese slices in the package. EWW! After removing the remaining paper I enjoyed the rest of my breakfast. I assume that one bite of paper has minimal carbs, lol. eww

Busy day (I knew it would catch up to me). Tonight is Hell's Kitchen to watch and Survivor to dvr.

Funny :)


BREAKFAST [4 carbs[
[2 carbs] oopsy roll
[1 carbs] 1 fried egg
[1 carbs] slice of cheddar and muenster cheeses (and a bite of the paper that is placed between slices ... ew)

LUNCH [11 carbs]
[11 carb]  green beans

DINNER [5 carbs]
[2 carbs] oopsy roll
[1 carb] 1 egg
[2 carbs] jalapeƱo cheese and cheddar
[0 carbs] 2 slices of bacon

Total 20 carbs

1 comment:

  1. I have eaten many a bite of paper.
    Where I party, there be plenty of "dix" on the dance floor.
    In fact, last time I was there, someone thought I was a cute boi
    and tried to "cop a feel!"
    Eewww! His face turned bright red when I turned around
    and I wasn't who (or what) he thought I was!


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