Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Modified Alternate Fasting Day - just green beans. I brought the sea salt today so I'm good to go. My stomach is a bit growly this morning ... good.

I tried my hand at making oopsy rolls again last night with the thought of the green beans, eggs, cheese, onion, peppers, 2 strips of bacon restriction I'm putting on myself this work week. A lightbulb went off and I thought oopsy rolls are made of eggs and  cream cheese! Wee. So I watched a video that made them look easy and set about making some. Mine came out a bit flat as usual but I think with practice I've got this.

So dinner yesterday was an egg and cheese sandwich using oopsy rolls rather than bread. It was actually quite good. It wasn't pretty so no photo, but still it tasted good.

Maybe it's silly to restrict myself to a specific list of foods for 5 days but I get into such ruts. This puts a lot of those common foods off of my list for a few days. No easy Atkins PB cups, no easy pecans and LC yogurt. I don't see anything wrong with my normal foods but it's good to survive without them for a few days. It's a "roughing it" adventure for my tummy. My main woe right now is that I bought a head of cauliflower to try JPs roasted cauliflower recipe and I have to wait until the weekend.


Sometime today:
[11 carb]  green beans

Total 11 carbs


  1. What is the name of your lc yogurt? I used to buy some at walmart, but I guess they stopped carrying it. It's so much better than regular yogurt.

  2. CarbMaster yogurt. It comes in several flavors (my fav is strawberry). I can always find it at Kroger. Happy Bday. :) Do anything fun today?


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