Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is going to sound very corny, but you Twilight fans might relate. In the fantasy world of the Twilight series there are werewolves. The werewolves have a pack structure which includes an Alpha wolf whose "Alpha voice" can bind the other wolves to do what they are told without deviance. The Alpha wolf only uses this commanding voice when it is important that no one deviates from the order. The Alpha voice binds them to do as instructed even if it's against their will. One of the wolves found a way to break away from the command of that voice and as a result he broke his ties to the pack forever.

I have this sort of thing going on with my "promises". I won't break a promise to self and so I have to be very very careful how I use that power. If I were to ever break a promise I know that they would lose all future power ... so I don't promise anything unreasonable.

So, today I promised myself that I would eat nothing other than a single can of green beans. I'm hungry just thinking about it but also sort of happy. This was inspired by JP's alternate day fasting experiment and though I've only promised myself for this one day, I'm hopeful that it will go well. I have MS as most of you know so I'm not sure if this is going to make me feel bad by the end of the day. If it does at least I'll be home and can get through it. I'll have a good breakfast tomorrow morning and be ready for another work day.

Cro made a casserole over the weekend which included brussels sprouts, instant mashed potatoes and cheese. I had a packet of low carb instant mashed potatoes and so he made another smaller casserole low carb and just for me. :) I tried a little bit of it last night and wow it was good. I'll bet this could be made with cauliflower mash too.

*4pm update
I have a huge headache and hunger pangs have kept me company for the last couple of hours. They aren't too bad though. I think I'll have an omelette for breakfast tomorrow. :) And definitely some of the brussels sprouts bake that Cro made for me tomorrow evening. I'm happy and feeling accomplished with my alternate fasting day.

Breakfast - n0thing

Lunch - 11carb
[11 carb]  green beans

Dinner - n0thing

Total 11 carbs

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