Monday, October 25, 2010

The weekend went so fast! But it was a good one. Cro and I watched some of the Blizzcon event via live stream. Cro has succeeded in being able to transfer the event piece-by-piece into QuickTime and will be modifying segments of it from there to play through itunes so we can watch it via our AppleTV. In short, this means that we'll be able to watch a recording of the live event weekend on our big screen television. Cool! A guy at work is excited to see what happened regarding DiabloIII.

I also watched Paranormal Activity (which I'd been putting off forever). That is a very creepy movie. The reality flavor made it work. Sort of like The Blair Witch Project taken right to your day-to-day life. No shaky camera either.

Cro and I ate at a place called "Charleston's" Saturday. He had eaten at a Charleston's when he was in Oklahoma for work a couple of weeks ago and has been wanting to try the Indy version ever since. It was quite good. I had grilled chicken covered in mushrooms and havarti cheese and a side of broccoli.

And now it's Monday again. Four-day week for me! Today is the first modified alternate fast day this week.



LUNCH [6 carbs]
[2 carbs] 2 eggs
[3 carbs] queso cheese with jalapeƱo
[1 carbs] cheddar cheese
[0 carbs] bacon
[0 carbs ] genmai-cha green tea with matcha


Total 6 carbs

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