Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another sleep-disturbed morning but I came in with a brilliant idea and have executed it and sent it to the team for review (hopefully they will be on board with this idea too).

Now for a busy day but the stress is just an effervescent tingle. The Christmas season is approaching fast and so I've started buying gifts to knock out that list of mine. This Christmas will have it's sad moments. Last Christmas was the last time I saw my dad alive and this year's gift list is a tangible reminder of that hole that I step around every day. I miss you dad. I might order a book for him anyway and read it myself.

Have you guys started your Christmas shopping yet?


[4 carbs] 3 mootown snackers and 1 sharp white cheddar snacker

[2 carbs] pecans
[3 carbs] cheese
[0 carbs] Steakums
[14 carbs] two low carb tortillas

Total 23 carbs


  1. I think that's a great idea to buy a book for your Dad and read it! Don't laugh, but I started shopping for Christmas last Feb. If I see something someone will like, I go ahead and buy it and put it up.

  2. It makes me happy that you don't think it's a silly idea. I want to include him in Christmas even if it's just in my personal thoughts. And hey, I might turn out to enjoy his taste in books. :) No, I definitely don't think it's laughable that you started shopping so early. It's admirable!

  3. :)
    Not much of a comment, but heart-felt,
    none the less! It's like a little LoCarb hug.


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