Monday, November 8, 2010

Back from a no-email, no-web, no-plans week in Michigan with Cro. We stayed at a tiny village called Farwell in the upper half of Michigan's lower peninsula. Beautiful cabin, strange black squirrels (so cute that I wanted to take a few home!), more live deer in one place than I've seen in a long time and several deer roadkill too. :P We visited Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron, chilled doing nothing much at the cabin, played lots of pool, went to a casino (-$100 but we didn't want to lose our shirts), trolled the local spots and I read lots on my new Kindle book reading device (birthday gift from Cro). That part of Michigan is about 10 degrees farenheit cooler than Indy so we even saw some snow flurries. As we began to see all of the large office buildings on our return I had new love for my city though. Hard to explain since I'm a country girl but there is some city-pride mixed in there too. I miss the quiet stress-free time at the cabin but sighed in comfort as I logged in to check my backlog of email and then play WoW for a couple of hours before retiring to a movie, Paranormal Activity 2, which is sending chills down my spine as I type. Great movies that I highly recommend if you like that creepy feeling (and I do).

I'm sad that our vacation is over but I'm happy to return to this place. Buddy Cat was so happy to see us that he has slept at my feet every evening since we got back. He didn't want to let me out of his sight this morning, probably guessing that it's back to the routine and we'd both be away at work all day. Poor lonely kitty cat.

I wasn't perfect regarding my eating, we went out a couple of times during the week and I pretended like I didn't have a weight problem. :( We stopped at a grocery in Michigan and bought a big carton of eggs, some various cheeses, cans of green beans, ground beef and buns for Cro. Oh, also pecans, cashews, low carb ice cream and I'd packed a few of my LC pumpkin muffins (which I also shared with those adorable squirrels). So most of the days I was an angel and a couple of days (well, not days, just a couple of meals) I will be paying for. At the casino was a buffet full of yummy meats and veggies and I had no trouble at all keeping it low carb with a smile. Roast chicken, roast beef, catfish (which I de-breaded), ham, steamed broccoli, steamed yellow squash and green and wax beans. Yum! My downfall meals were meatballs stuffed with provolone cheese atop fettucini alfredo accompanied by a  margarita, and for another meal I indulged in a  garlic breadstick alongside my salad, a cup of butternut squash soup followed by half a Milkyway Caramel. sigh (non-low carb items are in bold)

Saginaw Bay

Tracy's new Kindle (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

The village of Farwell, Michigan.

Melanistic Squirrel - I love him!

A shot from our cabin.

There were gobs of deer. Gobs is a real measurement. :)

The chase is on.

[2 carbs] 2 scrambled eggs

[2 carbs] couple of ounces of sharp cheddar and swiss

[8 carbs] chicken pot pie LC style!!! (oopsies for the crust)

Total 12 carbs


  1. Awesome - glad you are back!
    When I went to Canada last year,
    they had GOBS of little black squirrels, too.
    I loved them. All of them.
    You and Kindle look good together!

  2. Thanks Anne, I'm happy you are glad I'm back. :) But I wish it was still vacation! I guess it's natural for days of freedom to go by quickly. I love me some gobs of little black squirrels and I love my Kindle ... no more big stacks of twice-read books lying around the house. I need to haul those off to Half Price Books.


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