Friday, November 26, 2010

Cro and I got up extra early to be at PetSmart when the doors opened at 7am. Hamsters were part of their Black Friday sale and I was afraid that all of the little Roborovski's would be sold. Thankfully we adopted two little healthy guys of the six that remained. Many of the other dwarf hamster types were sold out and displayed big RESERVED signs on the front of their cages. That made me feel foolish because I didn't know it was okay to just call in to reserve a pet prior to the sale.

I'm not going to name the little guys (well, maybe just give them nicknames) since naming will be up to my sister. They are soooo cute. I even drempt about them when we both took at nap after getting them settled in their new habitat. They are nocturnal so I don't expect to see much of them until later tonight. It's also supposed to take a couple of weeks to earn their trust and be able to handle them. I'll post photos soon though, probably sometime over this holiday weekend. Oh, and Buddy cat is very intrigued ... he'll be even more so when they become active later tonight.

I love how Thanksgiving is so easy to enjoy as low carb. We had roasted turkey with brown gravy, cauliflower mash, green bean casserole, brussel sprouts, and low carb walnut blondies for dessert. We'll enjoy the leftovers for several days.

I watched some youtube videos about Black Friday stampedes here in Indy. I'm so happy that none of that was happening at PetSmart. People can be nuts. Scary.

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  1. Ya just can't do better than Black Friday Hamsters!
    It's win win win all the way around!


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